Friday, July 27, 2018

“The smartest watches are still mechanical”.

In 2017, The Verge magazine’s 2.46 million followers got an interesting headline: “The smartest watches are still mechanical”.

Despite the electronic cigarette's rising popularity, it's quite easy to get off the beaten track. We deliver an unusual look at the Mechanical Mod's sweetest thrills for a perfect day.
Although mechanical Mods, are not as popular as they used to be there are still quite a few vapers who like to do things like the old days. At one time they were commonplace, today mechanical mods are mostly used used by advanced hobbyists, vaping enthusiasts and collectors of high-end mods.

A mechanical mod is a device that heats the atomizer coil with current drawn directly from the batteries without any circuitry involved. The lack of circuitry means that there is nothing that will break down. The simplicity of a mech mod gives the equipment more longevity. That simplicity extends to bypassing having to navigate any menu system and there’s no restriction of power output to the atomizer.

Vapers have a lot of choice. From all-in-one disposable pod kits and stealth vape pens to heavy duty box mods and mech mods, there’s some pretty staggering variety. Nowadays, more and more Vapers are looking for mech mods. Most e-cig users stick to regulated. Mech mods have become a huge deal among vapers looking for easy ReBuildable Atomizer experience, bare minimum resistance Sub-Ohm vaping and a truly customised experience.

Mech mod users love the hands-on experience that’s basically building their own personalised device. Coil building might be something convenience-seeking vapers want to steer clear of, but for mech mod users, it’s like all their Christmases came at once.

They can seem scary at first, but once you learn the ins and outs, you’ll never look back!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Comfort in your Hands

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It protects the body from the sun's rays, protects body tissues against injuries and helps regulate body temperature by making the pores larger or smaller (normal body temperature 37 °C or 98.6 °F).

The nerves in the skin receive the stimulus that is then interpreted by the brain as touch, heat and cold.

Skin temperature depends on air temperature and time spent in the environment.

One square inch (6.5 square centimeters) of skin contains up to 4.5 m of blood vessels, which have as one of their functions the regulation of body temperature. The skin varies in thickness from 0.5 mm on the eyelids to 4 mm or more on the palms and soles.

The normal temperature of skin is about 33 °C or 91 °F. The flow of energy to and from the skin determines our sense of hot and cold. Heat flows from higher to lower temperature, so the human skin will not drop below that of surrounding air, regardless of wind. If a person was to be in a warm room and her skin temperature was cooler than the air, her skin temperature would rise. The opposite would happen in a cold room and warm skin temperature. The person's temperature would decrease. Humans fight air temperature by becoming warm or cold. When warm, they sweat. When cold, they get chills.

The concept of temperature comfort is vast but surely if you have ice in your hands it might give you some chills.

Stainless Steel, copper, brass, plastic are used to manufacture Mechanical Mods. In cold countries these kind of objects are not very attractive. The best way to have comfort in a cold day is a material such as Cork.

The good news is that Cork is used in the Suber model from Sobreiro Mods.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Who defends the Vaping Community?

Who defends the Vaping Community? What are we waiting for?

Probably, we don’t have shared Values. We have not yet begun to defend our rights. 

In the Vaping Community we see groups dedicated to help. We see helping each other in the reviews about hardware, juices and even accessories. We see debating in forums about different subjects like safety, health, coils, batteries, mechanical mods, regulated mods, performance, e-liquids and more.
But who defends the vaping community? Where do we see the results of the Vape Advocacy?

Of course there are associations and groups that want to make a difference like AVA - American Vaping Association – that the President speaks at vaping events in the U.S. like the Association of Health Care Journalists, the National Conference of State Legislatures, and even embarked on the Truth About Vaping Tour (a six-city speaking tour of Mississippi) or The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) that educate the public and increase awareness about the benefits of reduced harm alternatives to smoking encouraging responsible legislative policy designed to improve public health by recognizing that smoke-free nicotine-containing products are inherently far less dangerous than smoking.

Even important opinion makers like Erik Bogren ( says: “What about Advocacy? It’s a Shared Value Right? No. Unfortunately not everyone who vapes is a vaping advocate. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect everyone who vapes to be a vaping advocate. It’s human nature and a personal choice whether to advocate or not. Again, is there a segment of the vaping community who advocate? Yes. But is it a shared value? I am going to have to say no. If it were, I believe that there would be a much stronger, more organized, and much more impactful advocacy movement in the vaping community. I am certainly not trying to play down any efforts from our vaping advocacy groups. They do great work in advocating for vaping. However, I do believe that if advocacy was a shared value among all vapers, advocacy would look very different than it does today. .. Certainly a goal for our community. But as it stands today, I don’t think advocacy is a true shared value in our vaping community.”

In the future, the vaping community will be united and the congress, organizations and governments will be more respectful about our rights. Meanwhile we all have to make an effort of educating the newbies and all who are around us. Everyone should be more respectful about their actions, Vaping is not a sport or a circus. Being serious about this subject, we can begin to overcome some gaps. 
The value of education and responsibility, this is the answer to all the new tendencies (Vape) that diminish the importance of others (tobacco) that have existed for many years and that harm us all.

One more important you want to see this excellent new objects banned from the market? Of course not!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vaping booming bussiness - Pros and cons

Everything associated to vaping has undergone a drastic transformation in the last few years, cash registers are ringing louder than ever with more and more local manufacturers exporting their vape merchandise, growing from a small industry into a global business. As an example, Malaysia’s half-a-billion ringgit vape industry is the second largest in the world after the United States, and the biggest in Asia, according to Ibrahim Mohamed, co-organiser of the Vaporizer Convention Kuala Lumpur.

The positive aspect is that e-cig products are enthusiastically available for those who wish to transform their lifestyle and leave the toxic cigarettes behind.

The disadvantage is that many of the companies involved with e-cigs appear to have lost sight of the passion and emotional aspects that used to instill such a high level of pride amongst members of the vape community.

The Sobreiro Mod was originally conceptualized as a high-quality and innovative mech mod with a touch of style. Also it was the idea of creating a model with certain characteristics that did not exist in the market.

With Sobreiro Mod the passion and emotion as to overcome the negative effects of this growing business. The Sobreiro Mods quickly transformed into something far greater than just another mod in the market.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The use of Cork

Cork represents an attractive solution for numerous industries. Everyone from Wine lovers to astronauts and supermodels should be grateful to the cork oak for its extraordinary bark.

The drinks business has already explored some of the many processes that transform this raw material into the stopper you remove from the bottle of wine you drink in a party with your friends or in a romantic dinner.

Cork is a material, harvested for commercial use primarily from Suber (the Cork Oak), which is endemic to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Once the trees are about 25 years old the cork is traditionally stripped from the trunks every nine years. The trees live for about 300 years.
Because of its impermeable, buoyant, elastic, and fire retardant properties, it is used in a variety of products, the most common of which is wine stoppers. The montado landscape (Alentejo) of Portugal produces approximately half of cork harvested annually worldwide.
Cork's bubble-form structure and natural fire retardant make it suitable for acoustic and thermal insulation in house walls, floors, ceilings and facades. The by-product of more lucrative stopper production, cork board is gaining popularity as a non-allergenic, easy-to-handle and safe alternative to petrochemical-based insulation products.

Cork is being used in several solutions as is the example of musical instruments; used as the core of baseballs and cricket balls; Light buoyant and flexible Surfboards;  in spacecraft heat shields and fairings, cork’s property as an insulator made it an ideal solution for NASA engineers working to tackle the extreme heat experienced by rockets as they blast through the earth’s atmosphere.

Racehorses use extra-light shoes made from aluminium with a layer of cork, it is possible to cushion some of the impact stress on a horse’s legs, thereby reducing injury risk.
Even at the highest level of fashion, cork’s ability to combine style with comfort makes it a popular material, as shown by Yves Saint Laurent wedges.

Now, Cork has entered in the world of Mechanical Mods through Sobreiro Mods
Sobreiro Mods have created a model with certain characteristics that did not exist in the market: a flexible activation system, which assembly, tuning and maintenance were simple, practical and functional with the use of unique and excellent raw materials such as cork.

Suber means in Latin "Suberina" which is the element with the highest percentage in cork that gives properties of compressibility and elasticity with great results in the achievement of these Mods. The valorization of handmade manufacture, quality and precision of watchmaking were determining factors for the launching of this superb mechanical Mod.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mechanical Mods vs Electronic Mods

There are two main types of mods: electronic and mechanical. But which one is better for you?

Each of them has its advantages but no doubt that only one of them is able to be seen as a precious treasure.

Benefits of electronic mods

Electronic mods, are mods that include electronic components. The benefits (not every electronic Mod contains all of the following items):
  • ·         LED screen which displays things like voltage and wattage levels, battery charge level, even the number of puffs you’ve taken. Some advanced models will determine the best settings for your atomizer and adjust automatically.
  • ·         Modify the vapor to your preferences. 
  • ·         Ohms meter
  • ·         Full control over the device

Benefits of mechanical mods

Mechanical Mods, are mods that contain no electronics and rely on a mechanical process to activate the battery. They are generally only recommended for advanced vapers. The benefits (not every Mech Mod contains all of the following items):
  • ·         Durability and less likely to break down due to their simplistic mechanical components. The lack of electronic circuitry ensures that most mechanical mods will last a long time. There are no electronics that can malfunction.
  • ·         Greater ability to customize vaping experience, making them ideal for experienced vapers who know exactly what they want.
  • ·         Bottom firing buttons - Since the button has to be in contact with the battery, most mechanical mods will have a bottom firing button. Sobreiro Mods have created a mechanism that can be activated by touching the lips with the DripTip (TUSS System ) 
  • ·         More power when at full battery charge
  • ·         Aesthetic appeal. Mechanical Mods tend to have an extremely clean and simple, sleek look to them that appeals to lots of Vapers.
  • ·         Mechanical Mods have exploded in popularity lately and are the coolest thing in vaping at the moment.
  • ·         Pleases Niche Vapers

Once you’ve learned the essential and are confident that you understand proper battery safety, getting a Mechanical Mod can lead to greater satisfaction with vaping experience.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

After the fire

Every day, each of us has a motivation that keeps us going. This motivation happens for the most different reasons. Because we have a child waiting for us at school, or we have a dog that gives us joy when we get home, or we want to be researchers to find a cure for a disease or because we simply love someone.
Even in the most difficult times, we have something that gives us strength.
These motivations can create small or big impact, certainly some have more value than others but all of them are important.

Life after destruction.

At SobreiroMods, they take forest fires very seriously. As most people know, Portugal is a very hot country in the summer and there are only three months when the temperature is low. The propensity for fires in the forest is very strong. In addition, there is no efficient forest management, as is the case of most countries.

They want to make a small contribution. This is one of the main motivations for Sobreiro Mods producers, an environmental commitment and responsibility for revitalizing biocapacity and preserving "the lungs" of planet Earth.

The Reforest initiative provides Sobreiros Mods customers a direct link to this cause and assigns a personal stamp on the increase of environmental sustainability on the Planet. The name of the country or place covered by the project will be included in each model, indicating its contribution to the reforestation of a given region.

To make the project viable, Sobreiro Mods has established a partnership with the association "Plantar uma árvore" (Plant a Tree) in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Buying Sobreiro Mods products, will be an effective contribution in this matter.

The project intervenes in reforestation of areas devastated by fire, cultivating new tree (native species) and taking care of them until they reach adulthood.

This is one of the videos of this association: