Friday, February 10, 2017

Who defends the Vaping Community?

Who defends the Vaping Community? What are we waiting for?

Probably, we don’t have shared Values. We have not yet begun to defend our rights. 

In the Vaping Community we see groups dedicated to help. We see helping each other in the reviews about hardware, juices and even accessories. We see debating in forums about different subjects like safety, health, coils, batteries, mechanical mods, regulated mods, performance, e-liquids and more.
But who defends the vaping community? Where do we see the results of the Vape Advocacy?

Of course there are associations and groups that want to make a difference like AVA - American Vaping Association – that the President speaks at vaping events in the U.S. like the Association of Health Care Journalists, the National Conference of State Legislatures, and even embarked on the Truth About Vaping Tour (a six-city speaking tour of Mississippi) or The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) that educate the public and increase awareness about the benefits of reduced harm alternatives to smoking encouraging responsible legislative policy designed to improve public health by recognizing that smoke-free nicotine-containing products are inherently far less dangerous than smoking.

Even important opinion makers like Erik Bogren ( says: “What about Advocacy? It’s a Shared Value Right? No. Unfortunately not everyone who vapes is a vaping advocate. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect everyone who vapes to be a vaping advocate. It’s human nature and a personal choice whether to advocate or not. Again, is there a segment of the vaping community who advocate? Yes. But is it a shared value? I am going to have to say no. If it were, I believe that there would be a much stronger, more organized, and much more impactful advocacy movement in the vaping community. I am certainly not trying to play down any efforts from our vaping advocacy groups. They do great work in advocating for vaping. However, I do believe that if advocacy was a shared value among all vapers, advocacy would look very different than it does today. .. Certainly a goal for our community. But as it stands today, I don’t think advocacy is a true shared value in our vaping community.”

In the future, the vaping community will be united and the congress, organizations and governments will be more respectful about our rights. Meanwhile we all have to make an effort of educating the newbies and all who are around us. Everyone should be more respectful about their actions, Vaping is not a sport or a circus. Being serious about this subject, we can begin to overcome some gaps. 
The value of education and responsibility, this is the answer to all the new tendencies (Vape) that diminish the importance of others (tobacco) that have existed for many years and that harm us all.

One more important you want to see this excellent new objects banned from the market? Of course not!

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