Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vaping booming bussiness - Pros and cons

Everything associated to vaping has undergone a drastic transformation in the last few years, cash registers are ringing louder than ever with more and more local manufacturers exporting their vape merchandise, growing from a small industry into a global business. As an example, Malaysia’s half-a-billion ringgit vape industry is the second largest in the world after the United States, and the biggest in Asia, according to Ibrahim Mohamed, co-organiser of the Vaporizer Convention Kuala Lumpur.

The positive aspect is that e-cig products are enthusiastically available for those who wish to transform their lifestyle and leave the toxic cigarettes behind.

The disadvantage is that many of the companies involved with e-cigs appear to have lost sight of the passion and emotional aspects that used to instill such a high level of pride amongst members of the vape community.

The Sobreiro Mod was originally conceptualized as a high-quality and innovative mech mod with a touch of style. Also it was the idea of creating a model with certain characteristics that did not exist in the market.

With Sobreiro Mod the passion and emotion as to overcome the negative effects of this growing business. The Sobreiro Mods quickly transformed into something far greater than just another mod in the market.

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