Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mechanical Mods vs Electronic Mods

There are two main types of mods: electronic and mechanical. But which one is better for you?

Each of them has its advantages but no doubt that only one of them is able to be seen as a precious treasure.

Benefits of electronic mods

Electronic mods, are mods that include electronic components. The benefits (not every electronic Mod contains all of the following items):
  • ·         LED screen which displays things like voltage and wattage levels, battery charge level, even the number of puffs you’ve taken. Some advanced models will determine the best settings for your atomizer and adjust automatically.
  • ·         Modify the vapor to your preferences. 
  • ·         Ohms meter
  • ·         Full control over the device

Benefits of mechanical mods

Mechanical Mods, are mods that contain no electronics and rely on a mechanical process to activate the battery. They are generally only recommended for advanced vapers. The benefits (not every Mech Mod contains all of the following items):
  • ·         Durability and less likely to break down due to their simplistic mechanical components. The lack of electronic circuitry ensures that most mechanical mods will last a long time. There are no electronics that can malfunction.
  • ·         Greater ability to customize vaping experience, making them ideal for experienced vapers who know exactly what they want.
  • ·         Bottom firing buttons - Since the button has to be in contact with the battery, most mechanical mods will have a bottom firing button. Sobreiro Mods have created a mechanism that can be activated by touching the lips with the DripTip (TUSS System ) 
  • ·         More power when at full battery charge
  • ·         Aesthetic appeal. Mechanical Mods tend to have an extremely clean and simple, sleek look to them that appeals to lots of Vapers.
  • ·         Mechanical Mods have exploded in popularity lately and are the coolest thing in vaping at the moment.
  • ·         Pleases Niche Vapers

Once you’ve learned the essential and are confident that you understand proper battery safety, getting a Mechanical Mod can lead to greater satisfaction with vaping experience.

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  1. I personally love mechanical vape mods, It is a beautiful yet powerful vaping device and has fantastic potential. It also needs particular attention and maintenance. The majority of mechanical mods are tubes made from metal, but a number of them are shaped such as for instance a box (they are called mechanical box mods). Best mech mods are easily available and the main advantage of a mech mod is that with proper maintenance it can be your reliable friend for a lifetime.