Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vaping and Teeth: Real Danger for Your Oral Health?

Oral health

Millions of former smokers enjoy the vaping experience. The Vape MODS are becoming more popular and with higher quality but there’s been plenty of discussion about the health. Critics and supporters alike have gone back and forth in debates about what the science actually says about the impact of vaping on respiratory health, circulation, and other bodily systems.

What about dental health. Is there danger for your oral health?

An interesting article from SMOKETASTIC might help in this matter:

"While the effects of nicotine might be enough for some of the more rabid vaping opponents to declare the activity unsafe, that simply isn’t the case. Again, we already know that scientists have declared vaping to be roughly 95% safer than combustible tobacco. So, and consideration of nicotine’s impact on the teeth needs to be put into that context as well. And when a comparison between the two activities is made within that context, it becomes even more difficult to argue that vaping is not the superior choice.
Moreover, even the amount of nicotine ingested during the vaping process should be taken into consideration during any attempt to evaluate the impact on your teeth and gums. Vapers typically expose themselves to far less nicotine than their smoking counterparts, which helps to reduce the risk of those potential oral health problems. Is it 100% safe? Few things are. What we do know, however, is that vaping is much safer than cigarettes, and that has to count for something."

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"For vapers then, the real priority should be on early detection of problems. Regular oral screenings are a must. You should also refocus your efforts on oral hygiene maintenance, brushing regularly and flossing each day. Be alert to bleeding and other signs of gum complications, so that you can contact your dentist at the first sign of trouble. And, of course, reduce your nicotine levels wherever possible, and even go to a zero nicotine e-liquid if you can. Since nicotine appears to be the only real tooth and gum hazard at issue here, any reduction in its use should make you even safer."

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